Arcade 1.0

The arcade mode and level editor for Marbleous Blocks is now ready to be shared with the world. I really enjoy working on tools that allow other people to be creative. I really hope the Covid-19 situation improves in the upcoming months so I get the chance to showcase the game and the new features live.

Interacting with users live and getting direct feedback is extremely useful and usually something that gives me energy to keep improving, both the application or game itself but also my own skills.

I made a short video to introduce the level editor. I tried to keep it short and to the point. On the first iterations I had some serious problems with voice recording but I managed to resolve this by plugging in some addtional power to my audio interface. The power from the USB alone was not enough for my microphone, or at least so it seems.

I intend to release this along with a few new levels in the beginning of september.

Psst, if you want to try the level editor and arcade before the main release it is available here. Please note that this version does not support publishing levels on Steam.