New demo

Yesterday I uploaded a new version of Marbleous Blocks. This version contains bug fixes, various level editor improvements and five new puzzles.

There are now a whooping 23 puzzles in the demo!

I do not expect the final demo to contain more puzzles than this (possibly fewer) but I might tweak and rearrange puzzles depending on feedback I get from play testing.

Creating puzzles is fun and challenging. Lately I have found inspiration from shapes and patterns. For instance I might start to build a puzzle from a hearth shape or from a checker pattern. It does not always result in an interesting puzzle but usually you just need a seed of inspiration to get your mind spinning.

The goal is to reach 50 puzzles before releasing the game so there is still lots of work left to be done.

If you have a good idea for a puzzle please send us an email or try to create it yourself in the demo.