The development of Marbleous Blocks is still going in the right direction. Lately I have been focusing on polish and finalization (if there is such a thing). During the last month I have been fortunate enough to get quite a bit of play testing and each session usually reveals some area where there is room for improvement.

I hope I will find more people interested in testing the game and giving feedback. I will try to use the local community ESG for this. Even though I am not a super active member of ESG (yet) it has already given me a lot. There are some areas of game development where I still have a lot to learn, marketing being one of them. I have gotten some really nice tips/links related to marketing and other topics, but even though I have not used it all yet I have gained some valuable knowledge.

During the polish phase of Marbleous Blocks I have changed the look of the game a bit, giving it a bit more personality. I have also introduced a clear but simple story. Your goal is to help our marble hero Max retrieve the missing orbs and make sure the rainbow gets its colors back. Marbleous Blocks was never meant to be a story heavy game but that does not mean there should not be any story. A good story can help a lot with immersion and can motivate the player to keep playing. I still think that the game mechanics and how it feels to interact with the game is more important than the actual story, but to create a great game I think you need both, and a lot of other ingredients of course.

So what more have I done lately? Well, among other things I have created Steam achievements, rewritten some texts related to the game and reworked the old trailer. If you have any feedback on the new trailer or anything else please let me know.

And oh, here is the link to the Steam page!