Marbleous Blocks

Marbleous Blocks is a point & click, physics based, 3D-puzzle game with a retro vibe.

Join a marble named Max through a block building adventure and challenge your spatial thinking in interesting new ways. Select, rotate, move, and combine 3D-blocks to create new paths for Max. Together you must retrieve the missing energy orbs and restore the colors of the rainbow.

Marbleous Blocks was designed to be a single player game but there is still plenty of room for collaboration. The core of the game is about trying out different strategies and the while you try one strategy your coplayer may think of a different one, or complement yours.

Just like in real life you will need to explore different paths. Some paths will work, and some will not. The important part is to never stop moving. The ability to quickly undo a decision is key to promote this type of gameplay.

The game consists of 45 puzzles of varying difficulty. Will you be able to solve them all?

Create paths
Move and rotate 3D-blocks to create paths for Max. Creating paths requires energy cubes so you need to plan the paths, so you do not run out of energy. F

Switch armors
Max may wear different armors, each with its own set of abilities. Switch between armors to gain access to different parts of the world. G

Planning is key, but since you may instantly undo your actions, exploration is encouraged and is an important aspect of the game play. H

Here is the trailer:

Please try the free demo version, either on Steam or here.