Marbleous Blocks

Marbleous Blocks is point & click, physics based, 3D-puzzle game where you guide a marble through a series of puzzles.

If you are into puzzles that challenges your spatial problem solving skills and have a soft spot for retro sound and music this is the game for you.

Gameplay & Features

You enter the puzzles through portals found in the “world”. Each puzzle consists of the following elements:

  • A starting point for the marble.
  • A world portal teleporting the marble back to the world.
  • A world piece needed to unlock new puzzles.

The goal of each puzzle is navigate the marble to the world piece, select it and then teleport back to the world by entering the world portal. By doing so you will unlock new puzzles. The navigation of the marble is done purely by point & click and the entire game can be played with just the mouse.

One key game mechanic is to carefully position and rotate 3D-tetrominos/tetracubes to create paths or bridges for the marble.

There are different marbles in the game and each has its own set of abilities. In order to complete some puzzles you may need to switch between different marbles. This allows for more interesting puzzles and adds a new dimension to the game play.

Another feature that adds to the variation of the game play is the fact that the tetracubes may be decorated giving their blocks different behaviors. Some blocks may fall, others may catapult the marble over to a distant block, some may contain “connectors” allowing other tetracubes to connect to them, and so on.

The game also includes the possibility to build new puzzles that you can share with your friends.

Here is a short trailer showcasing the beta version of the game:

Pixleon would be very happy if you would consider to try out the beta. It is free and available here. Pixleon would be even happier if you would share your impressions. Is is too easy/hard? Which level was most fun? Are the controls intuitive? Please help us make this game the best it can be. Many thanks in advance.